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How to save yourself from zero click on SERP

How to save yourself from zero click on SERP? It is a trending topic about google currently. Website owners lose almost half of theri traffic due to google’s new updates such as structured snippets, information panel, e-commerce listings and so on. Providing maximum information to users with minimum click is a new trend google is implementing. But in this race of maximizing user experience, website owners are facing issues relating to traffic. As user gets most of the information on SERP, it resists them from going onto the landing page and actually reading the content which is a traffic loss for website owners Already organic results are taking a hit due to lower placement as we have inorganic results then structured snippets or local pack and also question answers snippet if query contained a question. After all this information and space occupying things, organic result starts. For ex: when we search for “samsung 55 inch led tv” we get following SERP.

As we can observe, there are e-commerce ads, text ads, information panels and then we have organic results. Not to forget, almost all information about tv had been stated in the information panel so a user looking for details only would not click on any link and navigate away resulting in a zero click search. For the hotel industry, we can observe organic results below the fold of SERP, hence users do not need to click on any result to get his work done. Refer the below attached screenshot

Also for booking flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai:

Finding a job? Well job hunters can also apply directly from google.

Hence, it is a crucial part on how to get more traffic to websites. To get the best traffic on your website requires more than just normal SEO activities like link building and citations. It requires advanced level SEO knowledge so website converts click instead of impression. What can be done is to use long tail keywords in your content and rank on them. It will help you get a click form user as snippets do not focus on long tail or very targeted queries. For eg: when we search for “get cheap tv in india” we get organic results above the fold and users tend to click on in as there is no information provided by google.

Latest trend in 2020 SEO should be using highly advanced SEO practices to get ranks and traffic on websites. Ranking on keywords alone is not sufficient, but getting traffic is more important. SevenEdge Marketing provides best SEO services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat taking care of all algorithms and ranking factors. Contact us to get affordable digital marketing services in Ahmedabad

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