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How Google is changing the way it is showing results on SERP

Recently while browsing casually, we observed a small change in the way Google displays search results on SERP. It gives more than 75% of above the fold content as a paid advertisement result (inorganic result) and only one organic link is displayed on normal screen. Most of the display is occupied with local business, AdWords results and structured snippets. Hence we can infer that inorganic results will be inevitable in future in order to gain visibility or websites have only one option i.e. to rank on first position every time a person search for targeted keyword. The prior is easy if you consult best digital marketing company who can take care of your AdWords marketing. The later however, is practically impossible if you are not using any branded keyword or your product is targeted in a very specific niece. Thus, it is advised to get your website to digital marketing experts so you do not miss on the traffic and thus your business do not suffer a loss due to Google’s algorithms change. We offer best digital marketing services in Vastral, Ahmedabad. We offer services such as Search engine optimization in vastral, social media marketing in vastral, website development in vastral. Contact us to get your business marketed globally or get in touch with us at

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